Saturday, November 24, 2012

Random Quote Saturday

"How can we not still be rooting for the younger versions of ourselves as if they actually exist, playing catch-up in time? Who wouldn't like to implant their current brains into a scenario from the past? SATs be damned, how about the insertion of a few eloquent turns of phrase when, for no discernible reason, Michael Gruzman called me 'baloney boobs' on the bus home for a whole year?"
~~Sloane Crosley, "If You Sprinkle" in How Did You Get This Number?


  1. I think I wanna read that ...

  2. I'd handle it differently when, at 20, that old perv ran his hand down my back and grabbed my ass.

  3. I've recently been fixated on how my younger versions are so critical of the me who is now but Sloane makes a good point. How cool it would be to go back NOW with what I know and day all that needed to be said but could't be said because I didn't know it yet! YOu rock, MM!