Sunday, September 28, 2008

Intermission: Is This What They Mean By Animated Discussion?

Last night Hubby and I watched Nim's Island immediately followed by the DVR recording of Friday night's presidential debate.

Later I woke in the middle of the night from a dream in which the CGI pelican from the movie, Galileo, had circled over the candidates, chattering and cawing at particularly ridiculous remarks.

At least he signaled his displeasure verbally...because the only thing more unpleasant than politics as usual is politics with pelican poop on it.


  1. Not 100% sure I'm ready for the debates tomorrow night...

    my dreams aren't quite so...magical-

  2. I'm close to 100% sure I'm not ready for the debates tonight...

    I know I have a deep sense of unease about the state of our country and the fact that I dreamed about presidential candidates probably reflects that. The pelican was just a prop--a very entertaining and, yes, even magical one. Despite what I said in the post it would've probably been a little more magical if he had pooped on someone.

  3. I'd rather watch your dreams then the actual debate. How can we arrange that?