Sunday, July 31, 2005

She Ain't What She Used To Be

As if daily life weren't reminder enough, there is nothing quite like spending the weekend with someone you haven't seen in nineteen years to remind you of the ravages of time on your mind and body.

This weekend was the visit from the old friend/crush from high school for whom I wasn't going to buy "real" shoes, wear a skirt or curl my hair (lest I freak out some of my current friends). Happily, none of that is really necessary with him, although he did scare me on the phone the night before he came by saying he was going to go use "Just For Men" haircolor in the shower. I said, "No, don't do that! If you do that, then I'll have to do something and I'm really not wanting to do anything."

Anything I might have done would've been wasted since we spent the whole day Saturday tromping through the woods in state forest lands, including finding probably the only mud in a hundred mile radius--it having been a fairly dry summer in our area. This was boggy-suck-the-shoe-right-off-yer-foot mud, "real" shoes wouldn't have stood a chance.

There are all sorts of things I'll be taking from this weekend, things it may take me a week or two to process (that's probably being foolishly optimistic), but the main thing is something my friend summed up on the phone during the "Just for Men" exchange. He said, "I hope by the end of this weekend, you'll know I'm really still the same person, just older, fatter and balder."

To which I say, "Ditto."


  1. It was cool he admitted to using Just for Men. I don't know any guy that would. Sounds like he is honest.

  2. Oooh. My blog entry today, "Don't Trust Anyone Over 70" will be particularly timely for you!

  3. More, more! This is the stuff of great novels!

  4. More like a novel you'd pick up on a spin rack at the drugstore and skim through while waiting for your prescription to be filled! But don't worry more's coming, I seem to have no choice but to babble about this subject incessantly....:)

    PS--The Just For Men comment is typical of him and he's a very honest guy.