Monday, May 30, 2005

Sports Highlights--Olympic Backyard Volleyball Edition

After all the wrangling about Daughter-Only being excluded from the boys-only volleyball games, Dad and I played a game with all four of the kiddies, and an aunt and uncle yesterday afternoon. Daughter-Only turned in a spectacular performance. Not only was she not afraid of the ball, she consistently hit it exactly where it needed to go--including several times when Son-One "accidentally" set it to her (he said, "oops, I don't know why I did that..." just in time to realize she'd gotten it over or set it again to her dad--his shocked look was amusing the first time and hysterical the next several times). All this in spite of the fact that everyone else on the court towered over her. Her shortest brother is half a foot taller than her. She would not be intimidated...

We're hoping this was a lesson to them in giving people--especially their kid sister--a chance to prove themselves before dismissing them as too short, too young, too female or too anything else. Anyone has the capacity to surprise us--to defy expectations. Butt-whuppings come in all kinds of packages..

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