Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Intangible Rewards of Parenting (A Flashback)

April 25, 2004:

Hubby and I are puttering around in the kitchen when Son-One wanders in, sticks his head in the refrigerator and announces, "I'm going to write a song called 'Sometimes My Unibrow Gets Lonely.'"

Then as an added bonus, Hubby sings, "'I grow my nose hairs long because sometimes my unibrow gets lonely.'"

It's moments like these that are the returns on my maternal investments. I'm not waiting around for magna cum laude from Yale, I'm sucking up all the proud moments on the way.


  1. That is some seriously funny stuff. I will buy that record when it gets made.

  2. He must be a teenager! And your husband a full-grown one...heh.

  3. My son invites me to the gun show, then kisses both his biceps. This is funny b/c he is about 5'10 and 115 - 120 lbs. Everyone around here has been on me to post about it, but I'm not sure how, it's a visual thing you know.

  4. Yeah, sounds like it's time to start thinking "Grammy"....