Friday, September 09, 2005

Blog The Livelong Day

I know, I know "they" always say "don't quit your day job," but I was thinking this weekend that I'd really like to quit my day job and just spend all day blogging and reading other people's blogs. I have only been a blogger since May but already I feel I am falling ever further behind.

I read yesterday (in a magazine, not on a blog...) that the number of online diaries and blogs reached 5 million in 2004--even allowing for the "fake" blogs that are all advertising and the blogs that read like they're kept by seventh grade boys (whoever they may in fact be kept by), that still leaves a whole lot of catching up for me to do.

Anyway, no one's offered to pay me for it, yet, but the second they do...I'm on it!


  1. If you find that blog payer, let me know. I'm in!

  2. You can always put an Amazon or PayPal link on your site--then people can give donations with a credit card. Or get famous and publish a book of blogs (thanks for the Baghdad Burning tip, by the way; I really look forward to reading it). Or just become ubiquitous and read by millions, like Dooce.

    Me, I plan to marry money. Oops--wait--already on Husband Number Two--perhaps better stop there, as he is a good egg...

  3. I'm aklways surfing the blogs. It's much more entertaining than television, and sometimes, it's informative. If only it paid....

  4. Mom's Sidekick9/14/05, 6:48 AM

    Mom and I had that same plan, bihari.

    We simply lost track of who was supposed to have the dough, make it, achieve fame and support the other...

  5. I've seen the paypal links, but unless you're dooce, I think it's weird and cheesy. It would be fun to see if anyone would pay you, though.

  6. What a good idea! Sit back chat in blogland and let the money roll in! That is a world I could definitely get used to!