Sunday, October 30, 2005

Falling Back

So, I've been waiting all month to "fall back." Geek that I am, I love the opportunity to live an hour twice, but I'm WAY less enthusiastic about springing forward and I am the kind of person that's always wondered WHY we do this insane and pointless thing twice a year especially since hardly anyone has a coherent explanation for why we do it and no one I personally know feels there's even one demonstrable benefit to doing it (I mean, "they" tell us it's about saving fuel or whatever, but has anyone, ever, scientifically illustrated the "truth" of that statement?). Earlier this month at the library (where, yes, I spend entirely too much time, thanks for asking), I stumbled upon this book, which has everything I've ever wanted to know about Daylight Saving (starting with the fact that it's NOT "Daylight Savings," which is what I, and everyone I've ever known, have always called it) and a whole lot more than that, too. I must confess up front that I was unable to finish the book, though I did make it two-thirds of the way through it and the conclusion I came away with was that NO ONE really knows why we do it, except that a bunch of politicians got their hearts set on it, for, I might add, no coherent or logical reason, which kind of made me wonder what sorts of illogical scams are currently being perpetrated on the nation by politicians with their hearts in the wrong place.

Speaking of scams, when I brought the book to work, Cranky Boss Lady said, "You know, I usually think the books you read are offbeat in an interesting and informative way, but this one just looks insanely boring. Frankly, I'm kind of annoyed that someone got paid for writing it."

Aw, she's just jealous.


  1. I didn't realise that it happened over there too...

    Slipping into winter...*sigh*

    I have linked to you..coz I like it here...*grin*


  2. Cranky Boss Lady needs a good, light slap across the face, I think. Maybe one of those double handed things. More for effect than for pain, if you know what I mean.

    I can't stand Daylight Saving(s). It has NO POINT!

  3. You know what the best part of Daylight Saving(s) time is??????? When the 2 year old decides to get up at what is now considered 5:30 am on Sunday!!!!! Makes me wish that every day was DST!!! (snark!)

  4. Tell Cranky Boss Lady to take your boring book and shove it up her ass. Then point out to her that even the most boring book is more interesting than she is.

  5. Karla--Did you ever know that you're my hero?

    And Minerva--one link deserves another! :)

    Cary--Those 2-year-olds just don't get arbitrary manipulation of time. What's with THAT?

    Lucinda--That offer I left on your site is still open. ;)

  6. Next time tell her "Frankly, I am annoyed that I had to stop reading my boring book to listen to your mindless chatter."

    I hate comments like that, what is that really supposed to mean?

  7. um, yeah, I too had a rant posted about Daylight Savings (or whatever it's "called"!) I call it an annoying pain in my *** every six months!

    Truthfully, I think it's all just a ploy by firefighters to get us to change the batteries in our smoke detectors twice a year. That and get a mammogram or dental checkup.

  8. it sounds to me that she is jealous. at least you tried to find out what it meant. even reading a dumb book is better than reading no book at all.

  9. c'mon. you know something's happening over at your place. spill it!