Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's All In My Head, Or Why Not to Post Under the Influence of Cold Medicine

On the one hand, I'd like to whine about my head cold, and regale you all with descriptions of the Day-Glo green stuff clogging my sinuses, but on the other hand, I think it's rather ungrateful of me to complain considering this is the first cold I've had all winter and shoot, we're within spittin' distance of spring now. (Of course, my gratitude is tempered by the knowledge that viruses really know no season and the two times I've had pneumonia in my life were both in August.)

This hasn't been much of a winter in our parts in any case. This past weekend was our first real dip into the single digits, with windchills in the negative double digits. So not only has my nose been running, my boogers have been freezing when I'm outside, which is a universally recognized signal of extreme bodily distress brought on by inhumane temperatures. But again, I'm not complaining because as I said, this winter has been mild.

Though my relief at how mild the winter's been is tempered by my concern that this is just another sign of global warming and we're all really, really, really screwed, which reminds me of an old Far Side cartoon in which two goldfish are standing on their tails on the table beside their fish bowl inside of which the little ceramic castle is aflame. The one goldfish says to the other something like, "Whew! We made it...of course now we're equally screwed."

So now I've solved the problem of not posting, but, um I'm thinking we might all be equally screwed.


  1. aw, thanks, and funny, truly funny

  2. a) HA HA! to the fish

    b) I feel your pain with the booger situation, though my own pain is vicarious, since it's my kids and patients who are in a state, not me.

    c) I loved your talking-to-adolescents post. I am going to file it and pull it out in ten years when I HAVE an adolescent. I love the idea of trying to focus on parenting your actual child, instead of parenting the child you were.

    d) I am betting that with all the thought and love you put into your mothering, plus your awareness of the complexity of these issues, you are a marvelous mother. In fact, I'm sure of it.

    e) So, given that...can I send you two small boys to raise for the next, oh, ten years?

  3. can I have some of your cold medicine even if I don't have a cold?

    k, thanks!

  4. Oh, hehehehe, silly girl! Don't you know we love your posts even when you're under the influence of an over-the-counter?

  5. I commend your efforts to look on the bright side in the midst of snot and sub-zero temps which inevitably equal frozen snot....I also commend your ability to put a coherent sentence together when under the influence of dyphenhydramine, little brother, his wife and mid-winter break...I however did not get to reap the rewards of this visitation as your nieces and nephew decided that mid-winter break is the perfect excuse for a daily/nightly FRIENDS marathon accompanied by sibling-sleeplessness-induced hysteria(sp?)in the room next to my sleeping area...non-sleeping area...However I too have been blessed with the ability to focus on the bright side...In the midst of no sleep and no caffiene I am totally thankful that they did not keep me awake with efforts to kill each other or have a peanut butter war...depending on the mood of the moment...This bright side is however tempered by the knowledge that the moment I finally did fall asleep little brother et al came home waking up the noise maker from hell...hence sleep remains an illusive phenomenon...still haven't recovered from 18 hours in the car back and forth to NYC...is it Friday yet?
    Love ya. Talk to you later this week.little sis

  6. Hey everybody! I'm coming out of the snot woods (that's just the grossest image ever, isn't it?)and thanks for your kind words!

    Bihari, if they don't have anything contagious and aren't susceptible to contagious things, I'd probably barely notice they were here, but I have a feeling you'd miss them dearly and vice versa! :)

    & Little Sis, "coherent" is in the eye of the beholder, I guess. Which makes me wonder what you might be under the influence of--sleep deprivation, perhaps? Can't wait to hear your tales of NYC! (I literally can't type or say that (NYC) without hearing that guy in the old Pace Picante/Salsa commercials saying New York City?! And that's with or without the added kick of cold medicine!)

  7. I had to go on vacation to get rid of my cold and guess what??? Third day home and it found me AGAIN!!! I have the green stuff in my nose and my voice is going again. This time if it gets as bad as before I just wish to lose my voice totally. That way I don't have to talk to anyone and maybe everyone will leave me alone.

    So bitter to have just gotten back from vacation~!