Friday, January 05, 2007

Another (Missed) Shot At Fame And Fortune

So Daughter-Only and I are in the bleachers at the boys' volleyball game when the opposing team hits the ball straight into the floor where it bounces up and hits one of our players, Player 8, in a sensitive spot.

Daughter-Only and I were chuckling sympathetically (we were sympathetic, but, regardless of how sympathetic you are, there's still something funny about it--witness America's Funniest Videos) when all of a sudden, Daughter-Only says, "That reminds me of the time Player 8's little brother [who is also on the team], Player 5 and I were on the trampoline together..."

And she proceeds to tell me a story about two summers ago, when Player 5 & 8 lived two houses over, and Player 5 had come over to play on the trampoline. Despite safety warnings to never allow more than one person on the trampoline, there were frequently five or six people on the trampoline. On this particular day, there were only two--or at least only two who mattered.

As Daughter-Only was bouncing up, Player 5 was coming down and somehow (and here is where video would come in handy & not just because I think we'd be finalists on AFV but because I'm all about the how and the why of things), somehow Player 5's braces became entangled in Daughter-Only's zipper--her pants zipper.

She immediately began laughing hysterically, though Player 5 was considerably less amused. He tried to yell at her, saying, "It's not funny." but with his braces stuck in her zipper, of course he couldn't talk right so he said, "isssht nossht fusshny" or something similar which only made Daughter-Only laugh even harder, which made Player 5 even angrier.

He was trying to work his way loose but not having any luck and he somehow communicated to Daughter-Only they were going to have to go over to his house so his mom could help get them untangled. As Daughter-Only tells it, "I was this-close to having to walk across the yards with Player 5 hooked to my zipper, when he popped off his rubber bands and that got him loose."

Yeah, and I was this-close to winning $10,000 but no one had a video camera.


  1. That is absolutely hilarious! Much better than the large woman falling out of the small boat vids that they always have on those shows! Tell your daughter to scream "Get the camera" instead of "get out of my zipper" next time. HA!

  2. I personally would pay good money for that video, but it has already been well established that I function on about a 15 year old boy level.

  3. And Erika, that's one of the things I truly admire about you!