Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blog of Dreams?

A voice came to me in the night--it was just like Field of Dreams, without any of those pesky promises:

If you write it, they may or may not come--they might be busy or find you boring or their Internet access may be patchy at best. But if you do NOT write it, they definitely will not come.


  1. Youngest sister5/29/07, 8:31 PM

    Given the week(s) we've had, it's no wonder!

  2. You got that right! I'm to the point now where I'm feeling lucky to get up and get dressed every morning. :)

  3. Since Blogrolling seems to have difficulty marking my blogroll when new stuff appears, I usually hit most of my links daily before I even think of posting on my own (which tends to be rather sporadically). So writing or no writing, I'll probably stop by regularly (just in case) however I will stay longer if there is new stuff.

    Now just to get myself in gear and posting more regularly.