Thursday, June 14, 2007

Serving the Community

Our school district (and maybe the whole state for all I know) has a community service requirement for graduation. Each student must log 20 hours of community service during his or her senior year. Naturally, many of the students put off their service until the last possible minute and then scramble to find acceptable community service opportunities.

For three nights in a row (tonight was his second), Son-One is working the Little League concession stand. When Son-Three heard this news in the car on the way to drop Son-One off at his assignment, he said, with a completely straight face* and tinged with just the right note of mock disbelief, "You know how to concess?"

*It just hit me how often the phrase "with a completely straight face" is a key element in my "amusing" anecdotes. Apparently the only way to be truly funny is to act like you're not being funny at all.


  1. no, apparently you're raising a passel of really frigging funny kids!

    and, send them to my house. they should get massive points for helping an old woman reclaim her house from the dust monster bunnies!

  2. Your asterisk is just more proof that we are living in the same family.
    PS you need to do the dishes

  3. I've got service to be done right here at my house...

    and with three kids and a dog, I certainly qualify for COMMUNITY service!

  4. Yeah, I keep telling them charity begins at home but so far I haven't been able to convince the district to give the kids credit for it...