Saturday, July 21, 2007

Scheduling Conflict

Three or four days ago, Son-Two says to me, "Mr. C (the volleyball coach) wants me to play in a tournament on Saturday. Do you think I should?"

Confused, I said, "Sure, why not?"

In a voice saturated with duh, he said, "Mom, the last Harry Potter book comes out Saturday!"

*PS--Do you have any idea how much I love the fact that my 6'2" seventeen-year-old badass of a son is so excited about the release of a book?


  1. I took my 17 year old daughter to the midnight release at Barnes and Noble. Of course a young girl who reads voraciously anyway isn't quite the same as a badass 17 year old boy.

    (She is already over the half way mark and would have finished it had she not gone to her grandmother's last night and a friend's the night before)

    So what did he decide to do?

  2. He did go to the tournament after all. It was funny, though, when the book came in the mail, his father and I hid it to see how long it took him to remember to ask if it came after he got home. He was barely in the door when he said, "Did it come?"

    I wish we'd had a place nearby doing the midnight release thing--ah, the joys of living ten miles past the middle of nowhere...

  3. Lou Bricant7/24/07, 5:12 PM

    Am I the only one who has not read one, single, Harry Potter book nor seen any of the movies? Not that I have anything against the series. Really. I think what happened is I came down with a case of Rick Peeler Monty Python Syndrome.

    In high school, sophomore through senior year, Rick Peeler would tell me how funny Monty Python was (I has not seen the movies). He would incessantly, aggressively, and badly quote the films. I never laughed. He took this as his cue to step it up a notch, because, of course, I was just not 'getting it'. It's because of this In-Your-Face forced comedy (or lack thereof) that I have never seen a Monty Python movie (please don't email me, telling me what I am missing, to give it a chance, or I just need to watch it with the 'right' people). Thanks, Rick!

    I think this is what happened with Harry Potter. Too much exposure before I got to the books and/or movies; too many adult 'Trekkies' or whatever they are called ('Harries'?) standing in line for the midnight premiere; too many sugary-sweet Katic Couric segments on The Today Show; etc.

    Sad thing is I really think I am missing out. But I'm not sure what the remedy is for Rick Peeler Monty Python Syndrome. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  4. Lou Bricant7/24/07, 6:24 PM

    * I would like to amend my previous label for adult H.P. fans to: 'Potties'.

    Thank you.

  5. Lou, you just couldn't be happy making stuff shoot out my nose ONCE, could you? You just HAD to come back with the Potties thing.

    And I haven't read any of the books either and saw only the first movie. I sometimes feel like a somewhat neglectful parent for NOT being more interested (not to mention pop culturally handicapped)...

    Lastly, I'm pretty sure we should start some kind of movement to make "Rick Peeler" a nationally recognized verb meaning to be so asininely enthusiastic about something that you spoil it for everyone else.

  6. my nephew got it, read it straight through, AND CALLED TO THANK ME!!! i had it sent and he didn't know it!)

    oh, and i'm with lou. i haven't but do plan to. later. at some point ... i hadn't seen animal house ever so my man MADE ME WATCH IT with him. mediocre, methinks ...