Monday, December 10, 2007

All The Ice Cream He Could Eat And Other Musical Commentary

We were playing cards Saturday night while listening to a mixed CD that included Nickelback's "Rock Star." Now one of my favorite lines in the song has always been "I wanna be great like Elvis without the tassels..."

I mean truly, it's one of the greatest lines in any song ever--clever and funny and what better rhyme for "assholes," which, in the uncensored version, appears in the next line? I thought there was no way the line could be improved upon, until I overheard Next-To-Youngest Niece singing it Saturday night:

"I wanna be great like Elvis without the tonsils..."

It doesn't rhyme quite as well, but you gotta give her points for creativity.

In other musical news, Daughter-Only and her friend R and I were in the car when an Angels and Airwaves song came on the radio. D-O says, "I love his voice, but it's really hard to like their music when the entire band is ugly."

I'm sure they've got a place for her on the Reviews page at Rolling Stone.



    And sad that our society teaches us that is what really matters...
    And thus is why trendy boy bands who are completely talentless become insanely popular--- beauty.

  2. The part I left out: the ensuing lecture on how talent (among other things) is way more important than standard-definition physical attractiveness & that, in fact, creative genius can make someone spectacularly attractive who might otherwise be seen as "ugly." And I also left out all her eye rolling during said lecture. Here's hoping some of it sinks in despite outward appearances.

  3. well your sister will tell you that one of the kids she has worked with thought it was i want to be great like elvis with velvet tassles... she thouht that was hilarious too