Sunday, January 11, 2009

Two Observations For The New Year

--Flannel sheets are the double-edged sword of linens. Good: they are amazingly warm and fuzzy and comfortable. Bad: they are amazingly warm and fuzzy and comfortable so you never want to get out of bed, which severely compromises your ability to function in your normal life. But it's okay because flannel sheets are way better than functioning normally.

--I have grown increasingly perturbed in recent weeks by the fact that windshield wash comes in gallon jugs while the reservoir in my car apparently holds three quarts. I started thinking about it and I've never driven (or filled) a vehicle that did hold the whole gallon. At this point I have six quarts of windshield wash in my garage in six separate containers because I always forget about the leftovers. Shouldn't someone in the wash industry get with someone in the auto industry and hammer out a plan to address this disparity? Maybe we could use a couple million out of the bail-out money to finance that little project, it would make about as much sense as some of the other stuff that's come out of it.


  1. Youngest Sister1/12/09, 8:55 AM

    It's like the hot dog/hot dog roll dilemma! We solve it by leaving the partially used windshield washer fluid rolling around in the vehicle for months before needing it.

  2. I was thinking the hot dog thing when I was filling the washer fluid the other day! I always remember that stand-up comedian guy going, "What are you supposed to do, base it on the least common multiple? That would be like 40 rolls and hot dogs! I can't make that kind of commitment!"

    PS--That quart(ish) in the bottom of a bottle got me through a round trip to Jamestown recently so maybe I shouldn't complain. On the other hand, all of it would've been in the reservoir if the reservoir were a gallon so either way I'd have been fine on the way back from Jamestown. Furthermore, I wouldn't have had to get out of the car in 10 degree windchill and add that quart(ish). So, okay, my original whining does in fact stand. :)