Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where's Homeland Security When You Need Them?

Taylor Swift's song "Love Story" is insidious. And not in a good way.

It not only gets in your head, it stays there. It is bouncy, repetitive and sickly sweet. I spent a recent night waking up repeatedly to the sound of those lyrics and that boppy tune chasing themselves around in my brain. It made falling back asleep difficult. I would finally drift off only to be woken up again a short time later. And again and again.

All this despite the fact that I haven't actually heard more than the opening few seconds of the song in days. When I hear it begin on the radio (I can name that tune in two synthesized notes), I change the channel not only quickly but vehemently. A song that relentless has got to have some connection to al Qaeda, right?


  1. Youngest Sister2/26/09, 8:35 AM

    LOL. I've been having that problem with a few country songs lately. Although the country ones are preferable to getting Jessie's girl stuck in your head (it was playing in the little store downstairs). Sometimes they actually keep me from going to sleep.

  2. That Cleaver Tramp3/24/09, 10:23 PM

    Baby, just say....yes.

    Hey, June.

  3. Oh, June, I regret that I must decline your invitation. Though it's very tempting, I must continue to, please, no.

  4. Yeah, I catch myself listening and then daughter screeches out loud.

    She is 13 and hates that song!