Saturday, February 06, 2010

Incident Report

Rushing around at work the other day, I bent down to get into the car and bashed my lip off the corner of the car door. It hurt so bad that even typing that two days later makes my eyes water a little. The corner pierced my lip and there was blood and swelling and bruising. I walked through the house past the guys and my coworkers with my hands cupped under my mouth, trying to catch the blood, unable to answer their, "Are you all right?"'s.

Once the bleeding was under control and ice was applied, a sympathetic coworker pointed out, "You're going to have to fill out an incident report."

And I said, "No way. What am I supposed to write on it, 'I was an idiot.'? That's not an incident; that's a chronic condition."

PS--I eventually did fill out an incident report, in case, as the ever-helpful coworker suggested, "it becomes infected and your face falls off."


  1. I once knocked myself out cold at church by opening the door into my face. Complete with black bruise line from forehead to cheek. Luckily not incident report was needed.

  2. Youngest Sister2/7/10, 7:33 AM

    Wow. That sucks. I hope it's healing. I was going to the bathroom once in the middle of the night, and was so tired that I thought I had my eyes open and walked into the door frame. I guess idiocy runs in the family. ; )

  3. little sis2/7/10, 8:42 AM

    Deepest sympathies. When I saw it and you were telling your story I couldn't help having flashbacks about car doors...maybe its a hereditary inability to interpret spatial relationships unless we really, really focus!....the idiot is the one who adds alcoholic beverages to that condition and still tries to get into the car.My face still remembers. At the time I did wish that it would just fall off!ADA accessiblilty guidelines for doorways of all kinds should be mandatory for all or our houses:)Maybe we would get a discount on our medical insurance or something.(tee-hee!)I remember a sober incident in which i dislocated(euphamism for almost ripped off) my baby toe due to the same malady.My entire foot turned purple up past my ankle and I couldn't wear a shoe for three weeks. I hope you feel better soon and that there are no future echoes of the injury...sometimes Big Lap Dog jumps up and bumps me in the nose and I have flashbacks of rain, wet forest floors, moss-covered tree roots, and a red Camaro door...oh and watermelon soaked in strawberry schnapps.:)

    PS= ingenuar

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  5. Where is that Masked Mom anyway?