Monday, January 17, 2011

Not-So-Subtle Signs The Universe Is Mocking You

You are navigating slush-covered streets in 20-degree weather, driving what is called (by the clients themselves) the "druggy buggy"--a vehicle used to transport recovering addicts and, significantly, alcoholics, when you punch one of the radio presets (in an attempt to escape the latest from Taylor Swift*) and "Margaritaville" blares from the speakers.

*Truthfully, I cannot be sure that it was Taylor Swift's latest as I am unable to distinguish one Taylor Swift song from another, which I guess is as it should be for people over the age of say, 25.


  1. Youngest Sister1/20/11, 8:40 AM

    This cracked me up. Hubby said that you could have stopped at "druggy buggy" and it still would have been hysterical.

  2. The first time one of them called it that, I laughed hysterically. That particular batch of guys used to joke that they were going to get me a T-shirt that said, "Druggy Buggy Driver" on it and one of those fancy chauffeur caps to round out the outfit.