Sunday, November 18, 2012

Spiral Notebook Sunday: Tuesday, November 19, 1985

One of the enlightening things about keeping a journal for nearly thirty years is finding out how what passes for wisdom changes over the years. For example, tonight's Spiral Notebook selection is from an entry I wrote when I was seventeen lecturing myself for overthinking* a thirty second moment of eye contact between Mr. High School and I and my ongoing inability to behave in any "normal" fashion.  The word "revelation" may have been used to describe this passage:

Tuesday, November 19, 1985
Why couldn't I have been born an airhead? Bubbleheads dive straight in because they always bounce off the bottom and float to the top. 

*A phase from which I've never really recovered.


  1. Geez you were an insightful and awfully funny teenager. I think my journals went along the lines of "we had peas with dinner."

  2. Yeah, I'm with Marianne there!

  3. Uh .. why doesn't my over-thinking produce such awesomeness?