Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Random Quote Tuesday

"Logic was, I first thought, like a train. Get on it and the rails would carry everyone to the same destination, and when they got there, they'd see it was the only place to be. But I soon understood that, outside of arithmetic class, logic was more like a taxi. You told it where to take you, and it took you there. If you were in favor of the death penalty, it found a street that led to the electric chair and nailed the accelerator to the floorboard. If you hated the death penalty, it took the same street just as fast, but in the opposite direction."

~~Andrew Hudgins, "Helen Keller Answers The Iron" from The Kenyon Review in The Pushcart Prize XXXVII: Best of the Small Presses


  1. I used to be very best of friends with logic but I have decided to pretty much dump him. He aggravates me.

    1. We always like to think logic's on our side, but turns out, he's pretty two-faced