Tuesday, November 05, 2013


So. The first few days of NaBloPoMo around these parts have been lackluster, to say the least. I have high hopes for the coming days, though I make no promises.

In the meantime, please enjoy* this gratuitous ultrasound picture of my first grandchild. ETA: January 13, 2014.

*You are under no obligation to enjoy this ultrasound. In fact, I will totally understand if you do not enjoy ultrasound photos at all. As I said to Hubby's Little Sister, I personally find them about equal parts adorable and disturbing. Many people find them baffling and meaningless, unable to pick out anything resembling a human being in the grainy gray murk. In this case, as Son-Three (the soon-to-be father of said grandchild) said when he texted this shot to me, "There's a face in there somewhere."


  1. I find baby ultrasound images quite amazing actually. Grandkids, and the first one especially, are the best!
    I'm participating in Nablablabla also and am having a difficult time thinking of things to write about. Like you, trying to hang in there.

  2. Congratulations to you and yours! Exciting stuff. As for the ultrasounds, I could never tell much about mine until after my babies were born and then it was shocking how much like themselves they looked. (OK, that makes sense to me, so I'm leaving it.) Anyway, CONGRATS!


    I find them to be harbingers that make my tummy fill with butterflies. It's just all so exciting!