Tuesday, September 02, 2014


As of August 5, when Daughter-Only drove away shortly before noon in search of fame, fortune and a college education in close proximity to her boyfriend, Hubby and I are officially Empty Nesters. 

We've been temporarily Empty Nesters before, when Daughter-Only moved to an apartment less than a mile away, but we suspected from the start that arrangement wouldn't last and even while it did last, Daughter-Only came and went unexpectedly at all hours so our nest never felt all that empty. This time, though, Daughter-Only, our youngest, has moved across the country and her brothers are all fairly settled in away from home lives as well so...Empty Nest.

Hubby says to me the other day, "You know, I miss the kids. I really do. But...I'm really enjoying peeing with the bathroom door open. And...I can even walk from the shower to the bedroom without having to put a towel around myself!"


  1. Ahh, the male point of view. Life’s little pleasures.
    I’ve been an empty nester for 17 years. Of course that doesn’t mean the cords have been completely cut. There is always the anticipation of those “help me out” phone calls.

  2. With Casey and Lito running Happyday Farms here on our 20-acre parcel, we are in no danger of ever experiencing empty nest syndrome. Annie would like to add grandchildren to the nest...