Sunday, August 02, 2015

Spiral Notebook Sunday: Sunday, November 2, 2014

Today's unedited excerpt from my Spiral Notebook Journal features me lecturing myself about that thing I always lecture myself about most: writing. Or not writing, as the case may be. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Considering how often I disappoint myself, it's amazing I am not entirely immune to my own disappointment in myself at this point. Though I suppose if I were really susceptible to my disappointment, I might endeavor to disappoint myself at least a little less often.

I meant to write today--a lot and much earlier in the day than 9:15 p.m., which it is now. I also meant to write yesterday and the day before and pretty much every day last week and for that matter every day since the last time I wrote. But I allowed myself to get distracted--and not even really all that distracted, honestly, because no matter what else I'm doing (in this case, DVR clearing and Q*bert playing and squeezing in a movie with Hubby, which I couldn't have cared less about--some X-men sequel or prequel or presequel or some damned thing), all I'm really thinking about is how I should be writing.

More disappointment still--now that I finally forced myself to pick up the pen, I'm spending what little time and energy I have to talk about how I should've been here sooner.


  1. Better later than never :) Hello MM!
    I know what you mean, though. For me, it's a matter of self -confidence. I stop myself with questions like "Does anyone really care what I think, do or feel?" But then sometimes when I go back and read old posts of mine, I think, wow that wasn't bad. And that’s when I realize that as long as I continue to care what I think, do, and feel, I will write.

  2. And I am very glad that you do keep writing, Lyndagrace. I will be over to catch up soon. Just trying to get back in the swing of things--and make myself a schedule I can stick to. ;)

  3. Good for you. Take it easy on yourself, though, as writing is work, like anything else. :-)