Friday, December 30, 2005

Ah, The Power!

Daughter-Only wanders home from a friend's house last night around 5. She's in the door two seconds and quizzing me already:

"What's for dinner?"

"Um, leftovers."

"Leftover what?"

"Ham and scalloped potatoes from the night before last and meatloaf and mashed potatoes from last night. There's also..."

"Stttttooooooppppppp! You're gonna make me puke!"

It's a good thing I'm a superhero and not a supervillain. Imagine all the havoc I could wreak if I used my powers for evil instead of for good.


  1. My son would have said "Let's have choice night."

    How far west are you in NY? I'm in the Rochester area.

  2. leftovers has been giving everyone around here GAS! I'd say no more leftovers too!!

    ; )

  3. Tell that ungrateful child to never mind that dinner of yours. I'll come over and eat it; it sounds good to me. She can snack on Saltines and canned green beans.

  4. Good for you Masked Mom, resisting the urge to turn to the dark side. I don't know that I would be that strong, if I had those powers. Good for you!

  5. My Dad always told me we were having poison when I asked what was for dinner. Such a heartwarming thought don't you think?

  6. Tawny--the way she was acting you'd have thought I was forcing her to ingest deadly poison.

    Erika--It's not easy, but it gives me a warm feeling inside (of course, that could be bottled up rage, I'm not sure).

    Karla--What, no Muppet Phlegm for the ungrateful child. Talk about cruel and unusual...

    Mandi--Pfftt...(that's a fart sound, right? Haven't we talked about this before--probably entirely more than is healthy or normal?)

    And Barbara--We have a "hunter's choice" around here, too, where they eat whatever they can scavenge be it leftovers or not. It's all about the marketing, isn't it? (We're in the southern part of Allegany county--about ten miles from the PA border--about an hour and forty-five minutes south of Rochester.)

  7. Don't you just love how they give you grief for dinner at the drop of a hat? My son was always a great eater. Then, he went to kindergarten, saw how everyone else is picky and has now started being pickier about things. My daughter just started out that way. I can only hope she makes a complete turnaround to eating when she goes to school in a few years!

  8. Around here we have YOYO night.

    You're On Your Own.

    And my mom's reply to "What's for dinner?" would be snake lip salad. I have to admit that does sound a tad better than poison.