Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ho! Ho! Holy Crap! Is That What I Think It Is?

A leftover slice (or two) of Christmas cheer for those of you who still have room:

---Little Sister and I were on our way for some almost last-minute Christmas shopping (the weekend before the Big Day), when I saw one of those lighted reindeer hanging from a tree by its feet, much the way a hunter would hang his trophy (dead deer for the uninitiated, non-rednecks among you). As an added artistic touch, the guy (c'mon, you know it was a guy) had hung a strand of red lights right down the center of the deer to make it look field dressed. Ewwww...but hey, the giggle I got was worth the gross factor.

---In a related note (and in yet another argument for Decebuary), a friend of a friend came up with a brilliant plan to put one of those reindeer on a spit, rotating over flames made of orange tube-lighting. Alas, he ran out of time before he could execute his plan this year. I share this with all of you on the condition that no one steal the poor guy's demented idea before he gets the chance to get it all together. I mean, I'm pretty sure that all the higher-ups involved in the holiday season would frown upon theft of intellectual property. If they're out of coal, who knows what you might get in your stocking?


  1. One year we saw a house where they took a dummy and and a ladder and made it look like someone had fallen off the ladder and was being held by the strand of lights upside down. It was really funny, we drove all our friends and family past it because we thought it was so damn funny.

  2. We had a tree that revolves in the lobby of my office. Some smartalec (I'm betting Virgil) tied a Santa figure in a noose and hung him from the top of the tree, and he dragged along while it spun. How DO people get these ideas??

  3. ah, lighted reindeer upside down! sooo redneck!

    before we left for vacation, someone rearranged the 9 reindeer on our neighbor's yard (all in a row, doggie style!!) it was great!

  4. *laughing*

    I LOVE these sick ideas...I really do...


  5. I promise not to steal his idea!

  6. Somehow, Nita, I kind of imagine you and Santa have a whole deal worked out and you probably wouldn't get coal no matter what you steal! :)