Thursday, May 18, 2006

I'm Pretty Sure This Isn't What The Folks At Hasbro Had In Mind...

Have you seen the Hasbro "Family Game Night" ad campaign? The commercials and print ads in which a cartoon family (which looks drawn by an eight-year-old but I'm sure there are child-labor laws and union rules against that) expound the virtues of setting a date and getting together once a week (or more!) to play (Hasbro) board games as a family.

My family--both the one I was born into and the one I've built--has always been big in the board game department so this campaign was mostly preaching to the choir where we're concerned. We're not excessively competitive--okay, I used to be, but I outgrew it and I hardly ever cheat at Monopoly anymore--we all just like to play.

Saturday night we were playing a new game with the kids called Balderdash. The game, alas, isn't made by Hasbro, but hopefully I still get cool mom points for Family Game Night--you know for following the spirit of the law if not the letter.

In Balderdash, for those non-geeks among us, you are given a word, phrase, etc for which you're supposed to make up a definition in hopes that someone else at the table will fall for your version, thus earning you points. In this particular round, we were supposed to be coming up with definitions for the acronym "D.E.B.E." The actual definition was "Does Everything But Eat," but I'm pretty sure everyone playing will only remember Son-Two's version: "Da Emergency Butthole Enlarger."


  1. Revealing my geek status--my family had that game when I was a kid. Get a room full of English teacher/literary types and they get into that one!

    Heheheh...I like your son's contribution!

  2. Kudos for your commitment to family fun night!! We have family fun nights occasionally when we are all home together that include Hungry Hippos or Crocodile Dentist. Balderdash sounds like an awesome game... Has the letter R.A.B. been on there??

  3. Momma--No R.A.B. yet, but I'm soooo ready!!! :)