Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Things No One Should Ever Have To Hear (I'm Starting a Collection...)

"Mom, I'm going over to D's house to build a trebuchet."

For those of you lucky enough to be uninitiated in, as www.trebuchet.com calls it, "the art of hurling," a trebuchet looks like this:

I have been assured that this is a sanctioned (required, even) physics project and it may actually be, which leads me to wonder: Don't physics teachers have children, too?

The goal is to create a trebuchet capable of flinging--oops, hurling--a small to medium-sized pumpkin. Son-One is aiming a little higher. We have an old (no longer functioning) 19" TV which he has deemed badly in need of hurling.

Hey, physics teachers, I can hurl without a trebuchet. Wanna see?


  1. That is amazing. Gee. I wish I had that physics teacher. Mine had a thing about bowling balls and about girls not being any good at physics.

    Still, hurling a television... That would be something. Take pictures if it ever happens, okay?

  2. Yes pictures please. Both of the trebuchet (might need to know how to build one when the tot is a teen) and the flinging of pumpkins and televisions (and whatever else the boys will think of flinging...remember to hide small dogs and cats during this time).

  3. very old little sister10/12/06, 12:14 PM

    Does this list go next to your list of things mothers should never have to say?
    "Please help your brother get his head out of the dresser drawer."

  4. Oh, there will definitely be pictures--though I am afraid that they may be confiscated as evidence in any civil or criminal actions resulting from the flinging of televisions or anything else. I have to say I'm actually grateful the kids have an outlet for this type of creativity. They've always been into building large and potentially dangerous things--at least maybe this time they'll get a good grade out of it and not just a visit to the emergency room. :)

    As for lists--motherhood, it's all about the lists, isn't it? If I weren't taking notes, I'm not sure how I'd make it through. :)

  5. I second, or is it third? what ever, I demand pictures too!

  6. All this from a show about Pumkin' Chunkin'.

    From TV to the classroom. I think I might even learn physics too!

  7. my husband is obsessed with building one. he always says, 'in our next house, i want to have room for a trebuchet!'.

    i need a condo!