Sunday, March 16, 2008

He's No Simon Cowell...And Maybe He Should Have His Hearing Checked

Whatever the future may hold for Other Kid, he definitely doesn't have what it takes to be a hard-assed judge on a TV talent show.

We were riding in the car together last weekend when Martina McBride's "This One's For The Girls" came on the radio. I was singing along--something I have a pathological compulsion to do when Other Kid piped up from the backseat: "Are you singing?"

Immediately self-conscious, I said, "Um, yes..."

"Well, did you make this song?"

Not sure now where he's going*, I say, hesitantly, "Um, no..."

"Well you sound EXACTLY like the lady on the radio."

(This post is dedicated to Pasta--an old friend from high school, not only because she recently nagged me about posting more often, but because she was there at the start of my belting it out in the car disorder--singing along to Huey Lewis, The Thompson Twins, Duran Duran and a host of other '80s pop stars while driving aimlessly around in the Wilds of New Hampshire.)

*One place he might have been going: the very same week the above exchange took place, Youngest Niece was sitting beside me while I was singing along to a Christina Aguilera song and she said, "Who sings this song?" And I said, "Christina Aguilera..." And she said, "Then let her do it." (This she learned from one of Second Niece's friends, apparently. Other Kid, obviously is less discriminating and doesn't run with quite such a cynical crowd.)


  1. Youngest Sister3/16/08, 7:46 PM

    "What is this, the Benny Goodman quartet?" "Yes, shut up and sing." Those were the good old days.

  2. One of my favorites to this is:

    "What did you do with that money?" (to the singer)

    Singer replies, "What money?"

    Answer: "The money your mama gave you for singing lessons."

    Hehehehe. I'm a bad car singer...

  3. wait til my kid figures out i can NOT:

    let's keep the compliments coming while they're still young!


  4. YS--Emphasis on old...when I was on the phone with her during the nagging me about posting conversation. I said something like, "I've known you the hell many years have I known you?" Twenty-five. It's twenty-five. Maybe I didn't want to know after all.

    MomCat--I literally can't help myself. I'm reasonably certain my teens are on the verge of staging some sort of intervention.

    Nita--Even better than you not being able to do those things is that she will know she's 10,000 times better than you at any of those things--and more--and she absolutely won't hesistate to tell you so. We're there at the moment--it's only marginally demoralizing.

  5. This is too funny. I can just imagine her delivery of that statement...definately more hard core than other kid! Although I recall other kids profound cuteness, the package presented by youngest niece certainly makes those types of comments even more surprising!!

    Especially if she was echoing what she heard from second niece's friend(s). Youngest niece and her older sister zoom in on the karaoke machine as soon as they get here...(In spite of the fact that they are surrounded by 5-10 critics over the O-SO-WITTY age of 14...but under the ALMOST-SYMPATHETIC age of 20). Unfortunately, I am consoled by the fact that she could have said something MUCH worse...
    ...if you are still singing in the car with her...your bravery knows no boundaries...

  6. i apologize that youngest niece heard that from my friend... but if it makes you feel better my friend said it yo me infront of youngest niece and thats how she learned it.