Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is Blogging Just Like Riding A Bike? For That Matter, Is Riding A Bike Like Riding A Bike?

It's been a while but I'm just gonna get on, start pedaling and see where I go.

At least with blogging, I don't have to worry about skinned knees...


  1. But are you blogging while sitting on a banana seat with tassels on your mouse and a big basket hanging off your monitor? Hmmmm?

  2. Lou Bricant4/28/08, 8:55 PM

    That option does not come with SchWinndows Vista. It'll make your bike crash.

  3. Hmmph--maybe that's why so many SchWinndows customers get all Huffy.

  4. You and your skinned knees win.

    I mean how can I possibly work in "BMX" into this thread? OH! I know! YOU (or your sister-- i.e. my wife, will).

    //bolting my Boggle training wheels back on (and I am sure you both just made a Googleplex number of words out of that sentence).

    OHH! OHH!! I got it:

    bmXP: Crashing on YouTube since 1995.

    Wow. That really sucked.

    You win.

  5. you don't know that for sure
    but welcome back anyway.

  6. Youngest Sister5/2/08, 4:21 PM

    I asked hubby what the blogging equivalent would be to the first you try to go no handed on a ten speed and forget that the brakes are in the handles, and try to turn anyway like you could have with your old, kiddie bike, and you crash. He thought I was strange, but I thought you might understand.

  7. Lou B--I tried sooooo hard to come up with something tying BMX and Mac. XP never crossed my mind... P.S. Daughter-Only thought the Huffy thing was lame--not in and of itself so much but that it took me two days to come up with it! (So maybe it's me she thinks is lame.)

    Erika--If anyone can skin their knees blogging it's me--no doubt about it. ;)

    YS--Funny you should mention the old no-hands bike thing. I just told Daughter-Only about how I used to go to the library in Monroeton and ride my bike no-hands on the way home so I could read the next Dr. Doolittle book without delay.