Saturday, May 17, 2008


Tonight's junior-senior prom at the boys' high school. Son-Three was unable to attend due to his girlfriend having a dance recital, which he must attend instead. After the recital they will be going to the official post-prom party sponsored by SADD, of which the girlfriend is a member. They've been together since November of last year--in high school years they're not only married but well past the honeymoon stage. The way Son-Three was grumbling about it you just knew the words "ball-and-chain" were right on the tip of his tongue (or they would've been if anyone who isn't hopelessly outdated actually used that phrase anymore).

Son-Two is attending with E.G., who happens to be the girl Son-Three "went out" with in eighth grade. First Son-One goes camping with Son-Two's ex-girlfriend and now this...clearly, high schoolers have really evolved since I was in school. I can't imagine smilingly accepting the fact that my sister was going to the prom (or on a camping trip) with my ex-boyfriend. I've tried to brush it off as a gender difference--girls are notoriously catty about this kind of thing. But it's just as hard for me to imagine Hubby finding out his brother was taking Hubby's ex-girlfriend to the prom.*

Our boys are unfazed by this sort of development and seem baffled by my bafflement. The other day, Son-One**, Son-Three, Daughter-Only and I were in the car after a tennis match, waiting rather impatiently while Son-Two and E.G. stood by the bleachers ironing out pressing prom details. I looked over at Son-Three and said, "Isn't this weird to you at all?"

And he said, "What?"

I said, "Oh, I don't know...first Son-Two goes out with A.C. sophomore year and then Son-One goes camping with her senior year. Then you go out with E.G., albeit in eighth grade, and now Son-Two is taking her to senior prom. But I guess that's just the kind of thing that happens in a small town."

Son-Three said, "Yeah, it's probably way worse in The Next Town Over, which is way smaller."

I smirked, "Yeah, over there, the same thing happens but the girl is their cousin!"

And then, building steam: "And over in The Even Smaller Town Two Towns Over, the same thing happens but the girl is a goat!"

They're apparently not too evolved to snort out loud at a very immature joke.

*I would've asked Hubby his opinion on the subject, but I've been married to him for almost 21 years and I already know that his response would have involved a discourse on how the question is impossible to answer because there is no way that any girl he was willing to go out with would EVER have been willing to go out with his dorky little brother.

**Home from college and pining for his current girlfriend--who, blessedly, is from Westchester County (all the way across the state) and has not yet dated either of his brothers.


  1. that just boggles my mind. There is no way I'd date any of my sisters ex's! Ew!

  2. Ciera--

    Thanks for stopping by--and sorry it took me so long to comment back and sorry, too, for not being by your place lately. I have 28k (on a good day) dial-up and it makes getting around on the Internet oh so much fun!

    Your reaction to the dating the ex thing is pretty much the same one I have. My kids look at me like I'm either immensely immature or just too old-fashioned to keep breathing...

  3. Oldest niece and two female friends asked only nephew's best friend from small-small town to the prom. He had three dates and a limo...which of course means that two boys brought goats...

    When only nephew went to prom at slightly bigger town he went with Current Girl.Considering the mahem that ensued when he allowed himself to plan his future under the "influence" of CG...I might prefer a goat...but then I would have to be called "Controlling Mom"

    Considering the fact that your Oldest Niece, Only Nephew, and Second Niece all went to prom this year...I hope both of my girls find a goat/sheep/mule to pay their way if they want to go next year...

    PS I have to say that in my present state the particular 8 letter word verification below appears quite daunting...

    As I review the code names for all of the family members I recall that I was never actually called little sis...I think I was more commonly known as one of "You Girls"

  4. OOPS...forgot my brief stint as "Miss Granola"