Monday, June 16, 2008

Don't Do The Dew

So Mountain Dew is having this big "Dewmocracy" promotion. They've introduced three new flavors, Dew drinkers are supposed to vote on which one they like best and at the end of the promotion only the most popular will remain.

I made the horrible mistake of taking a sip of the pinkish purple one ("SuperNova").

I was in the car with Son-Three, Son-Two and Daughter-Only. I said, "That tastes like feet!"

Son-Three took a sip (because the smart ones always want a sip of something someone else thinks tastes like feet) and declared it the best of the three. He said,"And it doesn't taste like feet..."

"Yeah," I said just as the medicinal aftertaste hit me. "You're right, it tastes like a cough drop rubbed on feet."

Needless to say, I won't be tasting Voltage or Revolution. And the only way I'm voting is if there's a line for "none of the above."


  1. Youngest Sister6/17/08, 8:39 AM

    You don't even like regular Mountain Dew! I'm surprised you were brave enough to try the new flavor. Reminds me of the time Younger Brother mixed all the fountain soda flavors together and decided it tasted like urinal deodorant.

  2. I know! I know! I was mistakenly intrigued by the alleged "strawberry melon" flavor. Even allowing for the carbonated dog piss flavor of the original Mountain Dew, this was BAAAAAAAAAAD.

    When was the last time you tasted urinal deodorant?!

    Also reminded me of the time we were handing out samples of Jelly Bellies at The Bookstore and the one customer actually walked to the door to spit his out then came back, dug out another of that color and said, "This one takes like shit, try it."

  3. Youngest Sister6/18/08, 8:28 AM

    I guess it's that misery loves company thing. : )

  4. little sis (a.k.a. MG...)6/20/08, 1:31 AM

    Considering my incredible youthful affection for Mountain Due because Big Uncle and Crazy Cousin used to drink it I must admit the new millenium has been quite unkind to the Dew. Cannot stand them and am certain that the new Dews should just be called Don'ts!
    Obviously...I cannot sleep and decided to get caught up on your latest entries...thought you were suffering from dial-up-impotence (the new DUI)so I wasn't really checking it...

    coincidentally cousin from Big Uncle's first marriage(I think) is spending the weekend ...He and your Only Nephew DEW THE DEW and its gross!!! Best Big Dog won't even drink it when its 100 degrees in the shade! ...not that I condone the offer....

  5. sorry for the potential confusion...he would be Second Cousin-In-Law from Big Uncle's first marriage...

    did somebody say Sleep...

    can't yet cause Sick Cat(a.k.a.Brother Cat) needs his antibiotics and cannot share food with First Cat, Second Cat, or Barn Cat and Best Big Dog and Fluffy Barker need to be outside while he takes his medicine or he won't sit still....NOW I KNOW WHY I AM STILL TYPING!

    I better take notes or I won't remember the code names...CRAP...
    Just so he won't feel left out our eight year old guinea pig-First Pig, a.k.a. Only Pig Left (the others had roast beef) can be excluded from the kitty med ordeal..
    ...and goodnight...
    Miss Granola has left the building...