Monday, April 06, 2009

Shakespearean Dandruff

Despite being present and very, very alert during her birth, I have occasionally wondered if Daughter-Only was perhaps switched at birth or dropped here from an alien ship because she is so very different in so many ways from her dear old mom. She's very social for one thing, supremely confident--occasionally annoyingly so, she will say anything to anyone (or so it seems). She has, for instance, proposed to several total strangers with a relatively straight face. She has walked down Main Street in town asking random people if they've ever been to Chuck E. Cheese or if they know the Mexican Hat Dance. She's just an all-around out-there kind of kid--unlike her mother, who while decidedly weird, has always kind of hidden her weird little light under a bushel.

Anyway, last night, she says to me, "Mom! How come T-9* has 'Shakespearean' but it doesn't have 'dandruff?'"

Try--just try--to imagine a texting world in which it would be necessary to use either the word Shakespearean or the word dandruff. And then, take that one step further into a universe in which the same person might need to text both words in the same one-hour period.

She's mine. She's definitely mine.

*T-9 is the texting "dictionary" in some cell phones.


  1. Youngest Sister4/7/09, 8:40 AM

    That is hysterical. Right before I got to your last paragraph I thought, who needs to text about dandruff? Who needs to text about Shakespeare?? That's too funny.

  2. That Cleaver Tramp4/9/09, 10:15 PM

    Dear Lord, I find just texting LOL to be a pain in the ass.

  3. Junie,

    I know what you mean and was with you 100% for the first two or three months I had my phone. Now, sad to say, some of the best conversations we have in my family are via text. The same day I posted this, Daughter-Only texted me from the track team bus to ask what "contiguous" meant. I bet that's not in T9 either...:o)

  4. Youngest Sister5/5/09, 12:40 PM

    Hubby sent an email the other day that included the words "Leprechaun" and "macrame". I don't even want to know what he was texting.