Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Apparently Not Everyone Is Equally Hooked On Phonics

There was a period of time when the kids were younger when Hubby and I got in the habit of calling each other "diphthong" as a teasing insult. I don't even vaguely remember how it got started, but I know that at one point, Hubby called Youngest Sister that and she quickly came back with "Umlaut!" To which he responded, "Schwa!"

You not only had to be there for that one, you also had to be a little bit of a geek.

Flash forward to this afternoon. Phone call from Son-One, "Mom, what's a diphthong? I just called Girlfriend-One a diphthong and she didn't know what it means and I just realized I don't really know how to explain it."

Ah, Son-One perhaps you should worry a little less about the defintion of diphthong and a little more about what other quirky time-bombs are left behind from your childhood...


  1. Youngest Sister5/13/09, 8:45 AM

    LOL! That was a classic in geekiness, but fun just the same. As long as he doesn't start asking for dungadoos.

  2. That Cleaver Tramp5/18/09, 11:24 AM

    *snort* Reminds me of the time I had to find a way to explain what "hermaphrodite" meant to my eight-year-old after I repeatedly called her father that while on a car trip to Montreal. Good times.

  3. Youngest Sister5/18/09, 4:59 PM

    My coworker explained to her four year old son that the she got pregnant because Daddy put a seed in Mommy's belly. He proceeded to explain to everyone at the big family dinner that Daddy put a seed in Mommy's mouth, she swallowed it, and THAT's where the baby comes from. Good times, huh???

  4. Seriously the whole kids say the damnedest things (or grown-ups do and then kids need them explained thereby creating memorable learning moments for all) is my favorite part of parenting and being around random children. Thanks for the giggles. (And TCT thanks for the alarming (hermaphroditic) image of your ex I now have permanently branded in my head.)

    PS to YS Good thing that's not the way it really works or Clinton would've had a way rougher time of it and Chelsea would've had competition for the inheritance.

  5. second niece5/26/09, 4:51 PM

    we still occasionally use dipthong at my house!! and i never even knew that story i've just heard our family use it.. but reading this and thinking about our family and growing up in it i can only imagine what both soon to be niece or nephew one and two have to look forward to.

  6. Good thing they're going to have all you older cousins showing them the ropes...or is it?

  7. MM, I love you and daughter. only equally. Geekiness and all.

  8. Oopps that was meant for the previous post. Now who's the geek?

  9. Erika--

    That's the great thing about hangin' wit da geeks--there's always room for one more! :)