Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Biopsy Performed By That Dude From The Frat House Down The Street

Son-Three was home from college a weekend or so ago and showed me a small growth on his neck--something he believed was a skin tag but that I was pretty sure was a mole in the larval stages. In any case, it didn't meet the criteria for anything to be overly concerned about--just something to keep an eye on.

He texted me the other day: "Can I rip off a skin tag?"

I texted back: "A. No. B. It might be a mole. C. No."

The return message? "Let's say I already did and I'm sure it's not a mole."

Let's say I'm glad I was 100 miles away when that determination was made.


  1. R H E M E
    no joke!
    This is very funny!
    At least he didn't try to put it in a jar and save it for his grandchildren...or for you...
    Did he get his head stuck in the railing so that they could remove it?
    We thought we were something when you made me a fake bruise out of eyeshadow...

  2. LOL...don't you love it when they do something and THEN ask if it is okay??

    By the way, here is a link to my private blog. I think you'll like it!