Friday, October 16, 2009

C'mon, October, Seriously?

Dear October,

My blog buddy Erika over at Dry, Ink had a few stern words for you last week about your behavior in Louisiana--specifically about your failure to show your face and put an end to temperatures in the nineties. I'm not sure what you're doing with yourself in Louisiana this week, but I'm not at all amused by what you've done around here.

Your job in our little corner of the world is to gently usher the leaves off the trees as you gradually lower the temperatures, preferably with strikingly blue skies to highlight the gorgeous colors of the leaves. Instead, we've had rain and cold and clouds and this morning, we had this:

I mean WTF and a half, October! Two inches of wet, heavy snow?! Widespread power outages due to the leaf/snow combination breaking limbs and taking out power lines across the region?!

I wasn't really sure what to do with you, October. Should you be grounded? Or fired? Have your paycheck docked? Fifty lashes with a downed power line? Then it hit me, I'm going to do something even worse...

I'm telling Erika on you.


  1. Youngest Sister10/17/09, 3:09 PM


    Okay, so we don't have snow, but it definitely feels more like November/December than October. Yuck.

  2. Oh holy smack! How did I miss this? It is the essence of beauty! And I'm so sorry October isn't acting any better for you.

  3. Hey Erika--turns out October really got its shit together and it's been perfect Octobery weather for most of the week or so since that snowfall. So thanks for being scary enough to make October behave itself--even while you were busy celebrating and trashing dresses and stuff. ;)

    PS to YS--aphesse

  4. You are totally welcome. It actually straighten up down here too, in the last couple of weeks.