Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Rise and Sparkle Dimly

Not only is my daughter not a morning person, she's not a person in the morning. She is mostly non-verbal--channeling the great-grandfather she never met, who also had a vocabulary of highly nuanced grunts, groans and squeals to express a wide variety of emotions.

Of course, the only emotion she really expresses before school drop-off in the morning is her utter disgust with her mother.

Sixteen is such a fun age.


  1. Youngest Sister11/4/10, 12:55 PM

    You could always do what mom used to do to me, "Good morning, Flossy!!" in a bright sunshiny annoying voice. Or you could make her walk to school. : ) (I have no idea where you live in relation to the school though.)

  2. I used to greet her every morning (from birth, just about) with "Good morning, Merry Sunshine." The response I get to that these days is not really printable even on a non-censored blog.

  3. It gets better. I was once sullen like that at 16. Then, one day, I -- like some sort of caffeinated butterfly -- turned into a morning person.

    Of course, that didn't happen until I was 30.

    So, Mom, you've got 14 years to go! ;-)

  4. Ahhh, something to look forward to.

    It probably doesn't help that I'm not much of a morning person myself. I really think of this as my punishment for being so surly to my former boss, who was something of a morning person. Every day for ten years she would come in chattering and every day for ten years, I could barely muster a grunt in response until after 10 or so.