Friday, January 13, 2006

An Answer To Your Financial Prayers

So my five-year-old niece was here the other morning, toting an adorable baby blue corduroy purse. She says, "Guess what? I have real money in my purse! Because, you know, money grows in purses."

No, I didn't know that--maybe that's been my problem all along. I've always been more of the wallet-you-can-stuff-a-few-essentials-into-and-tuck-under-your-arm type. Considering the lack of fiscal growth in the wallet I do lug around, I've got to assume that it's time to switch accessories. Or maybe the wallet would work, too, if only I had the right fertilizer?

That would be a truly miraculous feat even for Miracle-Gro, wouldn't it?


  1. Money doesn't grow in my purse. Junk does.

    Last week I cleaned out my purse to the bare essentials: Wallet, 1 lipstick, 1 gloss, 1 lipliner, 1 powder compact, 1 pen.

    Let's check and I have what I have now: wallet, half a dozen lipsticks, 2 glosses, liner and pen gone, 2 powder compacts, 2 dozen receipts, 2 packs of Jed's fruit snacks (1 of which is open), 1 matchbook from some place I've never been....Oh wait, and 71 cents in change....

    Hmm, I guess money does grow in purses.

  2. I carried a purse for about 20 years and it didn't give me squat. Now I carry a diaper bag! I haven't found the PERFECT purse either, they never have quite all the features needed. However, I would carry any purse that money grew inside of, that would be the perfect purse!

  3. Old yucky shredded kleenex grows in purses!

  4. Mom's Sidekick1/19/06, 7:02 PM

    I wouldn't know about the purse thing...

    Only purse I own is attached to a backpack and stores all sorts of odds and ends (all specifically geared to be useless when I need them).

    I do know WHERE money grows: the couch. Mom refuses to part with our ancient sofa-bed-wanna-be-a-couch-doesn't-belong-in-a-livingroom-relic.

    I get pocket money about once a week :)

    It's amazing what grows in good fertilizer. Despite family rules about food in the livingroom, a fairly neat set of kids, and a thorough cleaning off and on, our couch just sucks in every cookie crumb, every cupcake sprinkle, and every DDP cap that Mom forgot to catch (we won't mention the six ferrets that seem to think hiding food under the cushions is wise, despite being squished 100x trying to retrieve it).

    Your purses? Pfffffftttttttttt... y'all looking in the wrong place, ladies :)