Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Perspective, Courtesy of the Spiral Notebook

I had a crappy day yesterday--not for any reason, really, except for maybe the realization that I was at work on a Monday, when the two previous Mondays had been spent relaxing (ha--have I mentioned I have three teenage sons and an eleven-year-old daughter?) at home. It was drizzly and rainy and while nothing went spectacularly wrong, nothing was quite right either.

Sometimes when I've got the crankies for no reason, I like to dip into the old Spiral Notebook journal that I've kept since I was fifteen. Here's the entry I stumbled upon last night--at the time, Son-One was four, Son-Two was two-and-a-half, and Son-Three had just turned one. I was a few months away from returning to the workforce, but employed full-time tending three boys, whose sole job was attempting to drive their mother insane. Oh, we also had an 8-week old border collie puppy...

Wednesday, August 19, 1992

11:08 AM--There was no toilet paper this morning when I got out of bed. I thought maybe it was the TP Fairy, but I looked everywhere and I guess she forgot to leave the money. Son-Three's diaper was full (of record-breaking, rancid, green shit). My bra situation has gone from desperate to hopeless. I could find two this morning, one had dog shit on it and the other had a gaping hole in the left cup. I washed out the second one and offered the first as a sacrifice to the gods in charge of this day. I hope they appreciate it--it was a hell of a good bra, it served me long and well and I loved it dearly.

I make this pit stop entry in an effort to dispel whatever evil spirits may be hanging over my day. When the first hour I'm out of bed goes like this, I've got to do something. I'd cross my fingers for the rest of the day, but I'd probably break a nail or put an eye out.

Yeah, yesterday was pretty bad, but if I made it through August 19, 1992, I'm pretty sure I can survive anything this week has in store for me.


  1. That's great! I can relate, having two small ones myself. It is so valuable to have that where you can look back and remember that life is always a challenge with kids...the challenges just change, that's all! Unfortunately, the only times I journaled in my adulthood (until my blog) it was all about a crises and less about the day-to-day. I could look back at my journals from high school, but then I'd probably crack a rib from laughing at my teen angst melodrama. HA!

    Oh, thanks for commenting even if you aren't a lurker! Of course, I appreciate the regular commenters even more than the lurkers!

  2. Ha ha ha!!! I so have had mirrored days like that. What kills me is that when you look back on them they are funny, but at the time they were so NOT funny and you would kill anyone who saw any humor in it at all. Well, I would, that is just me!

    Just how did dog shit get into your bra anyway? I have lost a few pairs of underwear due to dogs pulling them through the laundry basket and chewing them, but I yet to have a "prize" left in the laundry. Well, pee yes but poop, not yet...

  3. Dog shit on your bra? Now how'd that get there?!

    That truly would be a bad day and lately, I've had several just like it! Nice to know in about 13 years things will get better... ;)

  4. How does dog doo get on your bra? Well, before settling down and becoming the best dog--EVER, our little pup was a bit, um, manic and insane. My youngest sister stayed with us often during this period and not only her driver's license, but a five dollar bill were victims of the chew it up and/or poop on it treatment from our dear, sweet puppy. She was so hyper we actually had a repairman ask us if we fed her granulated sugar by the bowlful.

    Anyway, the bra was no doubt pooped on because in a lustful fit, I flung it to the floor the night before--because, you know, wild sex is at the top of your list of things to do when you've got three kids under five...;)

  5. RIGHT, because it is on my top list of things to do too when I have just ONE child under 5.

  6. Oh yeah! Someone else has survived it--this gives me hope! Preach it, sister. And may your days improve.

  7. too bad there were no blogs back then. you've been funny for a while now!!

    and my best friend just called me from victoria's secret (she has a 5 yo and an 17 mo) having ventured out for the first time in 5 years to buy bras and said, "When the FUCK did VS start charging $50 bucks for a bra????"

    i like this mother insanity. the days do zoom.... :)

  8. That was fantastic. As I'm just the sane side of that life, (my youngest just turned three and I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel), I really appriecate that little look back at where I've so recently been. Forward ho, I say!

  9. Mom's Sidekick1/19/06, 6:47 PM

    Okayyyyyyyy... I'm finally at a point where I've run out of excuses for not checking Mom's bloggies. Even the "I don't wanna know" one isn't working!

    Damn it all to hell!

    Lessee....... in '92, my dog was still a puppy? Nope, gotta say, at that point, work probably influenced a boo-boo (she was a good puppy, even at that point; don't let Mom tell you otherwise). Though I like the wild-sex inference, dear. Whatcha doin' later?

    Erika? Noooooooooooooooooo......... not another DDP addict! Mom has or hasn't mentioned the 1000 Diet Dr. Pepper bottles I rinse a week?


    As far as bras and panties go... demmit, we need more boys on this forum... yeesh, my sons steal my tees... thank the gods my rarely used briefs are safe!