Monday, April 24, 2006

Masked Mom's Media Monday: John Corbett

Masked Mom, it is probably no surprise to learn, is a fan of alliteration and, as you've also no doubt learned if you've been around much, Masked Mom loves an excuse to babble. If, therefore, Masked Mom were to come up with an idea (say, at 2:34 a.m., when sensible people are otherwise asleep but Masked Mom's brain, for some unknown* reason, has been whirring and buzzing at an alarming rate (and, unfortunately, not in any productive way) ), an idea which combined both her affection for alliteration and her passion for pointless patter, she would have practically no alternative but to inflict it upon you, her faithful reader(s)--all five of you.

And so--the debut of Masked Mom's Media Mondays in which Masked Mom brings to the table a completely unqualified voice on books, magazines, movies and music--some current, some dug out from under a pile of moldering paperbacks in her attic. As the old saying goes, I may not know art but I know what I like and I also know what I don't like and in a fit of generosity (and excitement over the chance to babble MORE) I will share it all with you, my faithful reader(s)--all five of you.

So John the '90s he was Chris Stevens, the smooth-voiced, ever-searching-for-enlightment, hot-as-hell-in-a-whiny-sensitive-but-not-too-whiny-or-sensitive-type-way DJ on Northern Exposure and, more recently, the groom in My Big, Fat Greek Wedding and, even more recently, some love interest of Carrie's on Sex and The City, a show which I've never seen but which has so permeated the public consciousness that I still somehow know the main characters' names...that John Corbett released a self-titled country music CD on April 4th.

I was walking by the TV one morning last month and literally did a double take because there was John Corbett, riding horses and hoisting bales of hay and singing his heart out. I liked the song--"Good to Go"--well enough, but probably wouldn't have bought the whole album without hearing a little more of it. Cranky Boss Lady shows no such restraint, though, and she preordered the album from our local music store. (The owner of the store, R, commented to CBL that he had been told more than once how much he (R) looks like John Corbett, which now that he mentions it, I can kind of see. But I think it's funny that R would mention it--I mean once (two decades ago) someone told me how I looked kinda like Sheena Easton, and I can't imagine that coming up in casual conversation, not least because it opens the opportunity for the other person to go, "Yeah, right!" More recently, I've been compared to Queen Latifah--and while I consider it a compliment (and I'm even reasonably certain it was meant as such), it's a long way from Sheena Easton to Queen Latifah. Ah, the ravages of time...)

I've heard the whole album five or six times and read the customer reviews on Amazon. More than one of the reviews says something along the lines of "If you like country music, you'll like this," which is funny to me because I don't really think this CD is all that country--not in the twangy, yee-haw tradition of country anyway. (For the record, Hubby disagrees and begged off after song 4, complaining he'd had enough "twang" for one day. Twang tolerance is a very subjective thing, I guess.) Of course, in a world where Bon Jovi is at the top of the country music charts, I guess lots of things are up for grabs.

I like the album, but I don't like it like it. I will not be listening to it compulsively the way I have some of the other albums I've bought even recently--I always thought I'd grow out of that playing an album over-and-over thing, but it hasn't happened yet. This album is not that kind of album--it's the perfect background music, not too distracting--but nothing in it really jumps up and grabs your attention, makes you say, "Hey! Let me hear that again." The way I figure it, though, the fact that it's not actively annoying (as some actors' forays into music have been) is a pleasant surprise and worth the ten bucks (especially since those bucks weren't mine).

Masked Mom's One-Word Review: Harmless.

*The reasons (at least some of them) are actually known, but in an effort to avoid foisting my stress, despair, and random freakouts upon my unsuspecting public (all five of you), I've decided (in a rare fit of discretion) to keep the reasons (known & unknown) to myself.


  1. I saw he had an album out recently and wondered about that. I loved him all those years ago on Northern Exposure, and Carrie was just a damn fool for picking "Big" over him if you asked me.

    Now, what I'm MORE curious about...what other albums have you bought that you're playing over and over? I haven't bought new music in ages!

  2. I was a little "in love" with John Corbett...until I heard that his live-in love is Bo Derek...and for some reason, that changed things for me.

  3. I had no idea ol John decided to lay track with his voice. I had to crack up at the reviews of "if you like country music you will like this." So what if you don't like country music? Just struck me as funny.

    And on a side note, I think you have more than five faithful readers...possibly six!

  4. MomCat: I'll make a list--but you have to keep in mind, I have really weird tastes. (For instance, I actually liked Minnie Driver's album, which got HORRIBLE reviews. And I still listen to Andy Gibb & Shaun Cassidy from time to time!) So definitely take my list with a grain of salt. :)

    Amena: I was weirded out by the Bo Derek thing, too. I think my mouth actually fell open when I heard "the news."

    T: Thanks for the boost! :)

  5. John Corbett! I laugh to think of him singing country music- I live in "Music City," so there are John Corbett sightings in the gossip pages here all the time. I haven't seen him yet, but really, I'm only looking for Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman... They've been spotted about five minutes from my house multiple times. I've gotta get out more!

  6. Great review. But now that 5 of us have comment, (not including yourself of course), I guess were done here. Next post please.

  7. you must watch the SATC episodes with him. they give me goosebumps. i love that guy ...

    and! i can't believe bo derek is his woman. although i don't know why, it seems weird ...

  8. I was wierded out too, when I heard about Bo Derek being John Corbett's girlfriend, I think he may have fancied her younger self from "10" and hadn't gotten over that. Also, guys who like older women are sometimes still looking for/want their mommy. If she's so great, why hasn't he married her then? I keep expecting him to wake up and end it, it ain't right! She is a little old for him, and keeps having surgery to keep up, how can she go from John Derek to John Corbett? Isn't he too young for her???

  9. Apparently a lot of people are curious/weirded out by the Derek/Corbett thing because tons of people find my blog by searching for some combination of Corbett/Derek.