Tuesday, April 04, 2006

That's All, Nothing Else

Falling back may be pointless and annoying, but springing forward is simply inhumane.

It is cruel and unusual punishment.

I heard someone say, "Try explaining to your dog that he's supposed to wait an hour to go." It's been my experience that dogs--and kids--don't really understand this arbitrary tinkering with time and it's not because they're simple-minded or not (yet) mentally astute enough to understand the intricacies of Daylight Saving--it's because it doesn't make a damn bit of sense!

That's all, nothing else.


  1. I really must second the change in daylight savings time. What purpose does it really serve? Other than to cause several days to weeks of dysfunction. And why do not all 50 states adhere to daylight savings time? Hawaii and Arizona continue to be only hold-outs as Indiana began its first year with the dreaded time change this year....

  2. Yes, I had to try and explain this to my 6-year-old this week too and it was pointless. All I could do was tell him, it means it'll be light later on and you can play longer. Then, he dropped it...thank goodness!

  3. i'm not doing DST! don't do it with me! hahahaha

  4. Yes, let's start a club that refuses to adhear to daylight savings time. It is just strange how some states can accept or deny going along with it.

  5. I'm sooo in the club. My grandfather actually used to leave one clock alone--not move it forward or back. It meant it was wrong a good portion of the year, but it made him feel better!