Monday, December 18, 2006

Masked Mom's Media Monday: Inflatables

They are a fungus upon the land.

The end.

Masked Mom's One-Word Review: Fungal.

(Exceptions can be made for people with children under, say, seven in their lives. Everyone else--cut it out!!!! I mean seriously--I've seen yards with 18 or 20 of the damn things. Wouldn't it be way more time, energy and cost efficient to just put a big billboard up that says, "I have way too much money and way too few brains." Shoot, we can do it in neon if it'll make 'em feel better.)


  1. Afreakinmen. What IS it with the weird inflatable things? They look like the sort of thing that in horror movies come to life and suck out your brains while you sleep. Or while you run away screaming. Whatever.

  2. I have passed a couple of addresses that have more square footage in their inflatable lawn Decorations From Hell than they do in the trailers (with 89% missing panels) in which they live.

    From your post to God's (and WalMart, Kmart, et al Debils') ears.

  3. One trailer I drove by today had a display including the lighted reindeer stick figure things and an inflatable thing, but alas had no yard, so it was set up on a flatbed trailer attached to their car which was parked in front of their live-in trailer.

  4. My husband and I fantacize about taking a pocket knife in the middle of the night and putting them all out of their misery. They are so freaking ugly! They ARE from the Debil!

  5. The pocket knife thing? That reminds me--how 'bout the folks who deflate them during the day? What's worse than a yard full of inflatables? A yard full of deflated inflatables. They lie there in puddles like the melted wicked witch of the west (which is only appropriate since we're pretty sure they're from the Debil).

  6. little sister12/19/06, 8:49 AM

    The sight that amazed me yesterday...I drove by a trailer that the day before had no foliage etc in the yard...what to my wondering eyes do appear but 4 deer, 12 pine trees, a sleigh, and yes 3 inflatable snowmen...all of the landscaping of course was constructed of wire and lights and I could not help but live in fear of what it all must look like in the light of day...techno landscaping in upstate NY...yikes...

  7. little sister..again12/19/06, 8:51 AM

    P.S. The tall boy claimed those sweaters...sorry for the psyche phone call...