Sunday, December 10, 2006

Weather Report

Cranky Boss Lady (looking out the back door): Hey, we have a little flake activity out here.

Masked Mom (looking around the shop at assorted shop groupies): Yeah, we've got some flake activity in here too but you don't hear us bragging about it.


  1. Little Sister12/11/06, 8:44 AM

    The flake factor:
    The radio weahterman insists that is 38 degrees and raining this morning but I am farely certain that we have been having a blizzard for the past 48 hours.
    Have a good week anyway.
    We can still share that snow shovel.

  2. little sister12/11/06, 8:47 AM

    I re-read my comment and feel the need to make several corrections lest you think that I am unaware of your pet peaves... is 38 degrees...fairly certain...
    I was blinded by the flakes...

  3. I think we're gonna need a bigger shovel. (That's my T-shirt slogan of the week. Last week's slogan: "Because.")

  4. PPS--Next week's slogan?

    "There's cheese in the mailbox."