Wednesday, September 26, 2007

'Cuz That's The Kind of Geeks We Are...

Sunday afternoon, Daughter-Only, Son-Two, Hubby and I were playing a game of Carroms. The game, for the uninitiated (which is practically everyone I've ever met--lots of people have seen the board--it's a pretty common prop in TV shows, etc--but no one I've ever met has played the game), involves shooting rings into pockets on a board that looks like this:

I've never actually done more than browse the rule book that comes with the board since my grandfather taught me to play before I was old enough to remember being taught--we play by his rules, which are no doubt "house" rules and would vary at least slightly from the rules other people use (people who, for instance, read and follow the rule book).

However, in no version of the game could I imagine a dictionary being consulted. Until Sunday that is--when we did in fact have to stop midgame to consult a dictionary to settle a debate that threatened to rage out of control.

Daughter-Only had tied her "shooter" on to the hood string of her hoodie sweatshirt and couldn't figure out where it was. Hubby pointed it out and rolled his eyes saying, "I was really hoping that no daughter of mine would turn out to be a bimbo."

I said that I thought the qualifications for bimbohood involved more than mere airheadedness and I thought Daughter-Only was pretty safe in the "other areas" of bimbohood, at least for the moment.

Hubby raised an eyebrow (he's very good at the one eyebrow raising thing, but I think he should be careful because one of his eyebrows is going to wear out way sooner than the other), not understanding what I was getting at so I said, "Usually when someone uses the word 'bimbo,' they're talking about more than just a woman's brains. Most people mean someone dippy and usually big-busted and someone who's a little promiscuous."

There ensued a heated discussion about whether sluttiness was actually a common connotation of the word "bimbo." Finally, I looked at Daughter-Only and said, "Grab the dictionary."

Daughter-Only read aloud for everyone's benefit: "bimbo: informal, derogatory an attractive but empty-headed young woman, esp. one perceived as a willing sex object."



Um, no, because, according to Hubby "especially doesn't mean exclusively."

No, especially means especially--which means that more people than not are implying (and understanding) a side of sleaziness with the order of airheadedness that comes with being a bimbo.

I gave up and just concentrated on whipping his butt on the Carrom board.


  1. Oh man, I have actually played that game! I'd totally forgotten until I saw the picture.

    And despite the "especially," bimbo always suggests the sexual definition in my mind.

  2. Youngest Sister9/28/07, 3:26 PM

    My husband would like to thank you for my renewed desire to buy my own Carrom board. I probably won't until we have kids, cuz them I can make them play with me.