Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I Don't Really Miss The Poopcentric Conversations

Recent events have had me yearning for the simpler (in my memory at least) times, when the kids were younger and the biggest crisis we seemed to face was what to tell them about Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. An evening spent one-on-one with Other Kid, who's about to turn six (SIX!!!!) reminded me that those long lost days had some pitfalls of their own.

For one thing, he requires constant entertaining--even though tonight my contribution consisted mainly of slouching back on the couch while he orchestrated a Beanie Baby attack on my head, it seemed endless and exhausting. For another, the conversation often leaves much to be desired.

At one point, trying to distract him from beating me in the face with a stuffed (but surprisingly firm) anteater, I said, "Hey, I heard you went to Ponderosa for dinner."

His response--which he gave all in one very long breath--was, "Oh yeah, and I ate everything they had there, they have nothing left, ha ha, tricked ya', I couldn't really do that, my stomach isn't big enough, but for such a small butt crack, I sure can poop big turds."

Yeah, I'm not missing those days so much anymore.


  1. hey lady,
    try having it all at once!
    (just in case you needed another reminder that others have it worse)

  2. I probably find this amusing b/c I don't have kids...sorry!

    Of course, when I drove school bus, we weren't allowed to have 'potty talk' on the bus...

    I know exactly what you mean by the 3 or 4 lines between the's made some of my posts a lot longer too.....oye!!

    I hope I got the html tags right in this comment..I deleted the one above b/c it just looked stupid cuz I'd gotten them wrong

  3. Erika--I kept meaning to come back to tell you that having it all at once is like my nightmare scenario. :) I have a friend who has 17 & 14-year-old daughters and a four-year-old son. She's got one sneaking out of the house and one making running commentary on potty news. It makes me feel a little faint just thinking about it. I'm in awe of her and you...

    Ciera--With Other Kid it's been all potty talk all the time the past few months. About a week and a half ago he was getting dressed after his bath and asked his mom if he could wipe his butt with his sock because (and this was the part that slayed me) he'd "always wanted to do that in front of someone." Hey, I guess we should all be grateful I didn't include that in the sock context post.

    (The paragraph thing was better on that post--didn't add any...)