Wednesday, August 08, 2012

I'm Sensing A Theme Here...

When I chose "Wisdom can sneak up on you when you least expect it..." as a tagline for my blog, little did I know that it would become not merely a semi-clever grouping of words, but a running theme throughout my life. Wisdom really does pop up where you least expect it--all the time...the trick1 is being ready to see it in the oddest of places.

Just for one example, how 'bout an April 2008 episode of the now-cancelled soap opera The Guiding Light? While looking for a random-ish quote for last night's post, I stumbled across this exchange which I'd recorded in one of my quote notebooks. It might help to know that both characters were Southernish, with his accent being significantly heavier than hers2.

REVA SHAYNE3: If they made a movie about you--would you change anything? Would you, maybe--I don't know--gloss over the rough edges?

BILLY LEWIS3: Darlin', my whole life has been rough edges. I don't think you can change anything--if you don't own who you were then, you really can't own who you are now.

1. Another neat trick would be learning to apply all this wisdom I'm allegedly finding lying around in odd places.

2. It also might not.

3. Portrayed by Kim Zimmer and Jordan Clarke, respectively.

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