Sunday, August 12, 2012

Spiral Notebook Sunday: Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I've kind of come to think of my journal as an elaborate form of note-taking. Over the years, the amount and quality of notes I've taken in here has varied wildly. There were periods of nearly daily (and often long) entries followed by huge gaps--months, sometimes years--mixed in with periods of once-a-month or every other month entries. I've never given up entirely--which I see alternately as a badge of honor and a monument to plain stubbornness.

Stubborn as an ass, I am--but it's not stubbornness that keeps me coming back--it's compulsion. And it's that note-taking thing, too because the gaps in here don't have corresponding gaps in my mental note-taking. When I'm not putting my "notes" in here for (relatively) safe-keeping, I try to keep them all in my brain. Pretty soon, my brain fills up and things start to fall out--who knows what might be lost forever and how much I might miss it? 


  1. Yes, exactly. Just exactly. You and I appear to have so very much in common.

  2. The traits you see in yourself and seem to think of as somehow nutso always describe me perfectly. Hmmmm. :OD

  3. I just wish I could remember to write them down but that is the thing that keeps being pushed out ;-)

  4. Agreed. There have also been times when I have wanted so much to disappear and not remember a thing. NO writing then.
    Lately it seems as if writing has been the first thing to fall off the plate - I think it might be because I see it as futile - what's the point? Ugh.