Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Random Quote Tuesday

"With your gift comes a duty, in both senses of the word: an obligation and a special tax levied on something of value brought in from afar.
There is no escaping this, so you might as well accept it now. If  you turn away from your creative gift, it will not go away. It will fester, and you will become depressed.
You may have a modest gift. Still, it is a gift. It is not yours; it is entrusted to you. It is something beyond you, something you didn't cause to come into being, but something hat was handed to you. It is a gift, and with it comes a duty. Carry it lightly, but carry it."
~~Cary Tennis, "Citizens of the Dream," The Sun, June 2012


  1. I am in a particular mood this morning, but this quote brought tears to my eyes and chills. Thank you for sharing it. And for sharing your gift.

  2. Chills and tears for me, too. What a great quote.

  3. Thanks for the kick up the bum, after reading this (all be it a little delayed) I certainly can't go and hide under the duvet can I?!?!?!

    And thank you for carrying your duty and sharing your gift!