Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ways I Am Not A Grown-Up, The Twelfth* In A Potentially Infinite Series

I was inappropriately excited to see this face looking back at me from the display in the grocery store the other day. I may have jumped up and down a little.
Yes, that's Count Chocula in a Fruit Loops bowl.
We're not cereal segregationists here at Masked Mom Headquarters.

*A fairly convincing argument could be made that this is really just another part of my previously mentioned dysfunctional relationship with food, thereby making this not the twelfth way but the eleventh-and-a-half way I am not a grown-up, but I'm pretty sure we'll get to infinity faster if we count this one as twelve.


  1. Uh. Yum. And I now have a crush on that fruit loops bowl.

  2. I'm a Frankenberry girl, myself. My kids think it's gross and I found myself saying things like "No, you can't have any yogurt until you finish your Frankenberry!" This is, of course, absurd. So now I just holler "MORE FOR ME!" and eat up.

    I hoist my cereal bowl in a toast to you!

  3. I hate this stuff but I must admit it does bring back good warm childhood memories. I say, jump up and down all you want!

  4. Damn! Whatever makes you jump up and down is fine by me! You go, woman!