Monday, February 05, 2007

Masked Mom's Media Monday: Too Cold

After lulling us into complacency with temps that barely dipped into the teens at night and highs in the 30s and 40s during the day for much of January, we've been hit by temps below zero with windchills in the HOLY CRAP area. (Seriously, our town had the coldest windchills in the viewing area of the Buffalo TV station--we were at negative 31 degrees this morning. I've resolved not to look tomorrow morning.)

I was at the grocery store this evening, hastily throwing my groceries in the car and I went, "Errggghhhh!" because I was cold and just as I did a girl walking up the sidewalk toward the store made exactly the same noise. And we both looked at each other in sympathy and I said, "It's the only logical response."

Masked Mom's One-Word Review: Errgghhhh!

PS--It's supposed to break tomorrow. Let's hope so...


  1. Youngest sister2/6/07, 8:30 AM

    I'll quit whining now, then. Our windchills in the DC area are below zero, which is stunning for this area, but nothin' like that.

  2. Day two now with no school due to the cold, cold temps. What do you do in a house couped up with 4 boys, except take my kava kava and try to relax all day!

  3. I can take this cold. It's a Hobson's choice when you have a child sick with pneumonia on top of the cold weather.

  4. Mommacw--sorry to hear the boy is sick!

    And susiej--we haven't missed a day yet and everyone (except me) feels a little ripped off.