Thursday, February 22, 2007

Please Let This Be The "Best" Story I Hear All Year...

Cranky Boss Lady's daughter was in the shop yesterday afternoon and started talking about her father-in-law, whose health is somewhat poor--he's diabetic with heart problems and a knee replacement surgery last year went horribly wrong and he's basically been suffering one infection after another for the past year. Before telling us the story that follows, she did warn us that it was "really, really gross" and I feel it's only fair to pass that warning along--this is a Blurt Alert, Code Red for anyone with a sensitive stomach or a really vivid imagination.

Most recently, the father-in-law has been fighting off (not so well) a sinus infection. They thought they had it beaten but he was still feeling a little discomfort so the ear, nose and throat guy went in (up?) to take a look and did find a small spot way up there that looked like "some kind of fungus." (It's always intimidating when those medical types bring out all that complicated terminology, isn't it?) Because of his other medical conditions, the father-in-law couldn't take the anti-fungal medication so they were basically in the wait and see mode.

Over the weekend, the father-in-law was sitting in his recliner in the living room when he sneezed. He opened the tissue, as instructed by the ENT guy to check the color and having made a mental note of it, he folded the tissue and set it on the table beside his chair and moved!

When Cranky Boss Lady's daughter got to that part of the story, I shrieked like a cheerleader on a roller coaster. I'm not sure whether it was her delivery or the fact that I was only half-listening to the story to begin with and those words "it moved!" dragged me right into it.

In any case, the tissue moved and it was discovered that there was "some kind of worm" in the tissue--a worm that had only recently been inside the father-in-law's head. Mother-in-law came in with a clean yogurt container, dropped the tissue in and immediately transported the whole mess to the doctor for identification. It's been sent to a lab.

Prayers would be appreciated--for the father-in-law, but for me as well because I'm pretty sure if I hear a story "better" than this this year, I might never recover.


  1. Youngest Sister2/22/07, 9:51 AM

    That is so gross. And so not what I was expecting. I don't know what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn't that. You'll have to keep us posted.

  2. Oh my...I am speechless.

    A worm literally in your head? That is disgusting!

    My sick mind--as I was reading, I thought you were going to say he sneezed out a roach or something. Eww...worms are even worse...

  3. Francesca (Stuntmother)2/23/07, 3:19 PM

    Um. I need to know the follow up on this. This is unbelievably the most insane thing I have heard for ever.

    And a roach would have been worse. I'll take a worm in my head over a roach any day.

    I can hardly type the word roach without shivering. Ug. Wow. Gross. Yuch.

  4. This incident reminds this nerd of another worm-in-orafice story

  5. Here are my two most pressing questions regarding this:

    1. Was it the larval stage of something that may grow much, much bigger?

    2. Does it have siblings or neighbors or friends who might be up there growing larger by the minute?

    Alas, we've had no news yet.

  6. little sister2/26/07, 9:54 AM

    As a victim of a VERY vivid imagination not only can I hear your cheerleader shriek echoing inside of my head but the virtual worm is sitting inside of my nasal cavity laughing at me for forgetting the nature of your warning.
    Thanks for the warning and let me know how it goes... I think.