Friday, February 16, 2007

With Friends Like These...

One of my favorite parts of parenting adolescent males is the glimpse it gives me inside the world of high school guys. I had only one brother and by the time he was in high school, I had a couple of kids and wasn't around much to see it. Now I get a much closer view--and I find their world sometimes baffling but always, always entertaining. Some of the things they say to each other are absolutely priceless.

An example: One of Son-Three's volleyball* teammates (the previously mentioned Player Five--the one who got his braces stuck in Daughter-Only's zipper on the trampoline) was complaining that he didn't get as much play time as he would like. Son-Three, a sophomore, said, "Well, you are only a freshman."

Player Five sarcastically replied, "Congratulations! Your parents boinked** before mine."

*The volleyball season is over and the boys' team took first place for our conference.
**There's a very real possibility that the actual word Player Five used wasn't quite as family friendly (or sort of family friendly) as "boinked." It may, in fact, have had an "F" somewhere near the beginning of the word...


  1. Youngest Sister2/16/07, 9:49 AM

    Maybe it's a view into the male mind, in general. When we were picking out an anniversary present for my in-laws, my brother-in-law's suggestion for the inscription was "Thanks for having sex successfully three times." (The present was from their three children.)

  2. Oh my. Thanks for the heads up for what kinds of things I can expect to be hearing soon. I have 4 boys -- the oldest is now 11.

  3. Oh, my stars...this does scare me about those teenage years. My son already has the smart-mouth comebacks down and he's only 7. How WILL I survive, I ask you?

  4. The scariest part about it is how hard I laughed when Son-Three told me the story. Nice to know, yet again, that you're only young once but you can be immature forever...